Competitive positions

  • Popularity and availability of winter sports
  • 53 federations of different sports, competitions and championships of all levels, including international, development of sports for the disabled
  • Successful usage of information and communication technologies in education and healthcare
  • High level of information and computerization of libraries, development of municipal libraries in Murmansk as intelligent information centers
  • Development of international cooperation in the sphere of education and culture
  • Development of commercial cultural and leisure facilities with comfortable conditions and modern level of services


  • Increasing the level of information, availability and quality of municipal services
  • Improvement of the targeting of social assistance and accessibility of social support and awareness of the possibility of receiving it
  • Increasing of legal awareness of the population, financial and computer literacy, environmental culture
  • Creation of a unified system for the prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency
  • Increasing the availability of physical culture and sports, public involvement in active recreational activities, promotion of healthy lifestyle with the help of cultural events
  • Construction and equipment of sports camps, playgrounds, skate parks, bike paths, rollerdromes, etc. for the mass sports development
  • Organization of youth festivals, celebrations, competitions, presentations, workshops, including international exchange, assistance in employment, formation and strengthening of spiritual, moral values and civic culture for young people, young families support
  • Development of international cooperation in the frames of social and cultural projects