Competitive positions

  • Increasing birth rate and decreasing mortality rate
  • Predominance of the population of working age
  • High educational level of the population under the conditions of developed higher education system and wide range of specialties
  • High level of the athletic training. Increase of publics' involvement into sport activities
  • Low unemployment rate
  • The ratio of the average nominal gross payroll to the level of a living wage is above the national average
  • Providing of the population with living space with amenities is above the national average


  • Demographic situation stabilization and improvement as a result of the development and improvement of the availability and quality of social infrastructure (housing, education, healthcare, culture, leisure, sport), creation of favorable conditions for attracting young professionals, development of corporate education and personnel training for the city's economy
  • Labor resources balance maintaining in terms of the economy differentiation and public-private partnership expansion in the field of personnel training