Competitive positions

  • Presence of sister cities relations between Murmansk and foreign cities: Vadsø, Tromsø, Rovaniemi, Luleå, Jacksonville, Groningen, Szczecin, Akureyri, Alanya, Minsk, Harbin
  • Communication with the official representatives of foreign countries in the Russian Federation and the presence of foreign missions in Murmansk (Consulate-General of Norway, Finland, Consulate of Iceland and the official representative of France)
  • Presence of the General Plan of the Murmansk city municipal unit
  • Transition to the principles of results-oriented budgeting, program-targeted three-year planning budgetary expenditures
  • Growth of own budget income
  • Development of electronic forms of interaction with population and organizations in order to raise their information awareness and the availability of government


  • Infrastructure development and employment potential increase in the frame of the inter-municipal cooperation according to strategic investment projects implementation
  • Efficiency improvement of the municipal tasks decision
  • Support for small and medium-sized enterprises on the basis of the center of business support / information and counseling centers in the districts and the Murmansk city administration
  • The involvement of business into the municipal-private partnership and the fulfillment of social functions in the frame of participation in social programs
  • Measures for the arrears reduction and increasing of tax return and non-tax income
  • Providing rebates for local taxes
  • Mobilization of financial resources from the federal and regional budget for target programs to finance activities aimed at addressing issues of local importance
  • Improvement of the social activity of the citizens, including young people, the development of territorial, student, school government, support for youth initiatives system
  • Young families support, assistance in employment of young people