Competitive positions

  • Full coverage of cellular communication, the development of digital television and radio broadcasting, public areas of free Internet connection
  • High level of compensation costs for the provision of public utility services
  • Equipment of the road network with technical means of traffic control and traffic violation photo/video camera fixation system
  • High density of the main road network in the built-up part of the city and route network covering all the industrial and residential districts of the city
  • Optimal speed on the city's main bus (15,2-18,7 km / h) and trolleybus (16.8 km / h) routes


  • Modernization and improvement of the energy efficiency of production and engineering facilities, gasification of municipal services, alternative energy sources expansion: wind, daylight during the polar day, the tidal energy
  • Building of waste treatment facilities, parking lots, roads duplicate
  • Setting of information shields for residents and tourists in public transport stop complexes, creation of unified system of public transport monitoring
  • Creation of recreational areas, reception points for recyclables and hazardous waste disposal